Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Getaway

My BFF of 21 years is getting married in Vegas this weekend. I'm privileged to her Maid of Honor and enjoy this wonderful occasion with her. We are flying out to Vegas this morning and have a whirlwind of fun awaiting us.

I'm so excited!

My BFF is a wonderful woman, and I'm so happy that she has found love with such an amazing man. He is really great - perfect for her.

The wedding is Saturday - which leaves us about 4 days of non-wedding duties to party it up in Vegas!

It is my first time in the city - and I am really looking forward to it. In addition, the time away alone will be a nice refreshment when I return to my family.

I'll be sure to post pics and stories of my excursions.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm a Cheer Mom!

I never thought this would happen - but I'm a Cheer Mom! Paige has joined a Competition Cheer Team at our local gym and today was her first practice. She was really very good and I'm glad she has decided to join.

I see her confidence building and her enthusiasm too too. She is going to be quite the athlete. She already has plans to cheer in high school, then at KU and finally as a Denver Broncos cheerleader. She has some good goals!

I know some people think that cheerleading is just a bunch of girls wearing short skits and trying to look cute. But - watching these girls practice you can see the true athleticism that it requires.

Now - I also got the list of items we need to buy (I'm scared). She needs practice tank, tee, and shorts. Warm up pants and jacket. Shoes. Uniform. Hair bow and maybe even some fake hair!! They all have to wear their hair the same for competitions and her hair might not style the same as the other girls. We'll have to do some work on that.

So - all in all - it was a positive night. I'm looking forward to her involvement.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My anniversary

Today is my one year anniversary at my new job. One year ago today, I had a brand new outlook on life. I walked into the new office with my head held high - and haven't looked back since!

Truthfully though, I did a lot of looking back for the first few weeks. After giving so much of myself to a company for 9 years and not getting the necessary appreciation in return, I left with quite a bit of bitterness. It doesn't help that I now still work with this agency, so I can't say goodbye to it completely. But, maybe it really has helped - helped me see all the horror that I left behind and the freshness and peace that I've stepped into. I know some of you think that I'm probably being a bit dramatic - referring to the horror. But really, that old job was a horror. But as this is about my fresh new place - I'm not even going to dwell on it.

So, for the last year I've gone to work everyday with a group of new people, made new friends, built relationships, gained confidence in myself and those around me and felt truly blessed to be in an environment where I can grow and give of myself wihtout fear of the consequences.

Not once, in the entire year, have I ever not wanted to go to work. Now don't get me wrong - I have my mornings after a night with little sleep where I don't want to get out of bed - but it has never been attributed to my job. Never have I dreaded going to work.

In this last year, I've learned that I can lead meetings with ease, discuss high-level topics with the elite management and hold my own. I've learned that work can be an enjoyment - a place of pleasure and peace.

I'm so grateful for this year, what it has taught me, and I look forward to the many more that are yet to come.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starting Fresh

I'm starting anew with a brand new blog.  I've felt a disconnect with my previous blog and didn't know how to resolve it... after much thought - I felt it was time to start fresh.  

So here we are!  

Thank you, my friends, who enjoyed and read my previous blog - and are continuing on this journey with me.