Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Power of Gratitude - Day 2

1. I'm grateful for my husband today. He is usually a person very set in his routine, but today he completely adjusted to accomodate me. After work, he picked up Chelcie and took her to get a dress altered. Then picked up Alaina and waited for Paige to come home to babysit so he could go work out. Then picked up laundry soap and dinner. :) So nice to be able to work till 7pm with no guilt.

2. I'm grateful for my hat, gloves, and scarf. It is cold today!

3. I'm grateful for the 'forgotten' money that I remembered this morning. It is nice to have an extra $115 in savings that I forgot about.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Power of Gratitude - Day 1

A friend recently sent me an article about the power of gratitude. The article moved me - and I quickly accepted a challenge presented in the article to spend the month of December journaling each day about things that I'm grateful for.

Today is December 1st. So here is the start of my journal.

1. I'm grateful for a new friend, Juli from Denver. She is the sweetest and is in town for a few weeks. Looking forward to dinner with her on Thursday.

2. I'm grateful for a husband understanding enough to accept the crazy work hours that I'll have over the next month.

3. I'm grateful to the kind lady at the Dept of Revenue who helped me deal with a tax return amendment issue.